duminică, 15 aprilie 2018

SV2ASP/A Mount Athos

In spring 1986 our monastery had remained without telephone for over five months, an occurrence that is not unusual on Mount Athos. It then happened that one of the brothers who was working in the garden struck a big stone with his hoe, and a small piece of the hoe stuck into his eye. After two days, we reached the AHEPA Hospital in Thessalonica. When Mr Georgiadis, an ophthalmology professor and the chairman of then Radio Amateur Union of Northern Greece, heard the story, he recommended that somebody in the monastery become an amateur radio operator, in order to guarantee communication in case of emergency: for the safety of the monks, as well as of the treasures preserved in the monastery. It was in this way that I first learnt about amateur radio.

Info: SV2ASP/A  https://www.qrz.com


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