duminică, 29 ianuarie 2012

YO8SSB Vertical Antenna Sistem for 80 m and 40 m band

Vertical Antenna Sistem for 80 m band


 Band of 80 m using a vertical antenna for 21 meters high. The antenna is built by me, aluminum hard pipes, telescopic. Radial system consists of 20 radial main directions of work on the DX. Vertical antenna works well in traffic is noisy sea distanta.Receptia but gives good results in emission!

      Vertical Antenna Sistem for 40 m Band

The band also used a 40 m vertical antenna, built by me from one section telescopic fiber glass in length of 10 m.Antena is mounted 4 meters above the ground and has a radial system in number of 10 . Radials are placed on key points cardianlae.From perfect agreement of the antenna we used a balun made ​​of coax cable, 9 turns on a diameter of 40 cm! Report of standing waves is 1:1!

73's de YO8SSB!!!
 Lucian DAMIAN

sâmbătă, 14 ianuarie 2012

Rarau top of the mountain 1650 m

Rarau top of the mountain 1650 m.

Rarau massif is situated 14 km from the town of Campulung! The area is very picturesque and has a charm nontan aparte.Se tourism practice: rock climbing, ski slope, paragliding and other extreme sports. There is a nature reserve, where we find, grouse, Carpathian deer, lynx, wild cat, bear and the high peaks COLT find flower. Please visit this beautiful area of Northern Bukovina! Thank you!

Northern Bukovina is a tourist attraction with many possibilities of accommodation in hotels and guest houses in the area! Natural and traditional food is cooked!

For more details and reservations;
Email: luciandamian32@yahoo.com